Thursday, December 16, 2010

San Francisco II

San Francisco December 15, 2010
The meeting is going along well.  Yesterday A stood by the poster and had a few nice discussions.  In the evening we went to dinner with dear friends,  Ray Goldstein and his wife Jane from San Antonio and Daniel Winterhalter from Pasadena.  We went to John's Grill, a San Francisco landmark that is on the register of historical places in American literature.  Dashiel Hammett is said to have written The Maltese Falcon there and the place figures significantly in the adventures of Sam Spade, his detective.  Excellent company, fine food and  enjoyable conversation.  It wss Ray's birthday which made it even nicer.
Today I heard some interesting talks about the dynamic systems of Saturn followed by lunch with Mike Schulz and another friends.  I mention the lunch because Y had something unique stuffed fried pear wontons.  Here they are:
Nice variation.

The streets and shops are full of Xmas shoppers and the town is lively.  Nonetheless you see "retail space for lease" signs and beggars in the streets.  One of them is quite creative and has a sign saying "my wife has been kidnapped and I am short $0.99 for the ransom"
The weather has been cooperative, but rain is forecast to begin on Friday and to continue through the weekend just when Maya will be with us, alas.  We still hope to have some fun with her.
This evening we will attend the ceremony in which a friend from APL will be installed as a Fellow of the AGU in recognition of his contributions to science.  We will then go to dinner with Barry, Ralph and other friends from the East Coast.  Tomorrow night we are meeting Barbara and Leo Stanger who are in California to visit their daughter Debra and her family who live in Ukiah.

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