Thursday, July 22, 2010

YandA in Manitoba IV homeward bound

Tues. 20/7

A nice warm day started with a nice warm walk to the marina and back along the summer houses on the shore. We had planned to connect to the internet today in order to catch up with mail and hopefully talk to Hillel on skype before his bedtime, so got through breakfast and returned to our cabin while the rest went to the pool.

Getting connected took some bureaucratic efforts including an extra expedition sortie to the office for additional explanations, but eventually all was well and two hours were bought for 3 dollars. Only Hillel was not in evidence and messages were left. Arkee put out the previous blog, sans pictures despite inhuman efforts the application is still not working, much to our (and our readers'?) disappointment.

Finally he went off with camera and book to the pool and I waited hopefully till the end of the session. But when the time was up and I got into my costume, the weather had changed. Clouds and a breeze came up and rain threatened. I got in a few splashes but the children had already retired and over a late lunch we discussed whether it was worthwhile risking a round of mini-golf. The decision was that it was, but the rain caught us in the middle of the round, we retired to the office temporarily and waited it out. We finished up on the soggy tees, splashing our way on the paths without too much difficulty despite the drips from the trees, great fun was had by all.

The real storm broke while we were having dinner at the restaurant overlooking the golf course. Flashes of lightning accompanied pouring rain and made for a dramatic show. The manager of the course had to enforce regulations in order to call in the last insistent golfers who saw no reason to take shelter from the lightning and the rain..

Thursday 22.7

Yesterday was travel day. We managed to walk around the campsite before packing up and leaving with some regrets. Our account was credited for the lack of hot water

in our cabin which all the king's trucks and all the king's technicians had not managed to fix before we left. Traveling route 2, we were going through farms and very small locations with hardly a gas station to be called by a name. About a quarter of the way to Winnipeg we stopped for lunch in a tiny town called Carberry and then started looking for a famous site of sand-dunes left behind by the delta of the Assiniboine river when it flowed out under the 2km high ice cap in the area. The area is well-known for its peculiar formations and vegetation and sandy paths. The shortest walk to view the dunes is 1.5 km each way, it was quite hot and the younger children found it tough. We took a small bottle of water with us and continued with David and Rafi up the sand-dune ladders to the top and slid down the other side - fun if you don't slide into the bushes by mistake..

Quite a hike for septuagenarians, after which we insisted on ice-cream as a reward, but had to make do with the local supply from the refrigerator in another tiny town. When we needed to fill up with petrol the only station for miles belonged to a local supermarket and was closed. It had to be activated by a membership card, luckily a friendly member was there and accepted 10 dollars from us to give us the equivalent from his card.

Everyone was happy to be home, chaos was soon more or less organised and after supper we returned the car with ease and compliments. We slept well on the sofa....

Thursday in Winnipeg

This was our last day in Canada and it rained most of the time. We spent some time in a mall shopping. I turned the town upside down but did not find the exotic Lego that Ma'ayan requested. It will have to be ordered on line. We did do the Saba trip to the electronic games shop and we picked up a few other things. The rest of the day the children played with their new possessions. Tomorrow we are on an early flight to Toronto and will be back in Israel on Saturday and back to the real world.

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