Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sn Mateo December 19, 2010

Friday we packed up and left San Franciso under black skies and heavy rain. We took the BART to the airport, expecting to meet Maya (coming from Oregon) and be picked up by Fred. However, fog had canceled Maya’s plane, fortunately only temporarily, but this we did not know until we reached the airport. We presumed she had informed Fred and Mariel and tried to phone them but they were not answering the phone, and after a couple of futile, money-wasting efforts, came to the correct conclusion that they were on their way to pick us up anyway. However (see previous YandA’s) these are people who do not use a cellphone, in the event it was in the other car.. and Maya was also unavailable. We waited by the payphone in case they should call us back... Arkee sent me outside to look for a brown Toyota station-wagon, but Fred was driving a brown Accura sedan (and the station-wagon, when finally viewed, was a white Subaru!) Fred saw me walking up and down and tried to call me but the car windows were closed due to the weather and Fred is not as mobile as he used to be. So we waited, Fred at the kerb in the car, Mariel upstairs at one gate, and us downstairs with all our belongings at the other for about forty minutes until Mariel paged Arkee over the PA system and we finally got together.

And of course as we got to the house we found Maya’s message that she was just about due to land and off went Arkee and Fred back to the airport again. A good time was had by all.

The weather is not conducive to great initiatives, so yesterday was shopping and football and catching-up day. In the evening we met our friend Mike at an Afghan restaurant and enjoyed an ethnic meal together.  Today is Sunday, we hope to get into the city for a cultural visit with a family party at the end of the day.


  1. wow! adventure at the airport :-(
    Well, at least you met eventually.
    Have a good time tehre, Yael

  2. Glad you all managed to find each other! Give us a call before you leave North America, we were away skiing for a couple of days (even me!!), but we are home again now.