Wednesday, December 22, 2010

YandA Homeward Bound December 22, 2010

All good things come to an end including our trip to the West Coast.  We packed on Monday morning, said our farewells and thanks and went off to the airport with Maya.  We checked in at Lufthansa and she went off to United to return to Eugene.  We expect to hear from her in the blogosphere.
We found the airport in a bit of chaos.  Snow in Europe had disrupted flights and people were sleeping on the floor in London and Frankfurt while San Francisco was full of rebooked travelers.  We found our friend and colleague Karoly from Budapest, who should have gone home on Friday, waiting for our flight since his BA flight was cancelled.  We got off about an hour or more late because the automatic fueling system at the airport had broken down and planes were being fueled manually.  We visualized little fuel elves as a bucket brigade on the wings...

Eventually we arrived in Frankfurt with several hours on our hands before our flight to Tel Aviv late at night.  There. too, stranded trravelers were sleeping on the floor awaiting  news of their fate.. We took the S Bahn into town and walked from the station to the Stadel Museum through the snow.    Note YandA at war.
The exhibition now on display is very interesting.  It is called Chronology of Painting and has two large galleries in which paintings from the collection are arranged in chronological order with events of the relevant era listed above on the wall.  The first gallery ran from 1300 to 1830 and the second from mid 19th century to the present.  Well worth seeing if any of you get to Frankfurt.
We then returned to the airport where it was A's turn to get an exotic serving of dinner, this time a swan bearing a baked potato.
We eventually boarded the plane and arrived in Kiryat Ono at 0500 to sleep, perchance to dream and now back to the real world.

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